Heartwarming the World

In our research into the most loved and hated brands, we’ll be seeking to identify their digital footprint and how their digital presence impacts their brand.

Hershey’s is a fascinating company to start with, as the company that has stood the test of time, adapting to every new technological era.

Their brand is focused around happiness, and bringing happiness to others. A message that would draw most people to it… seeing as one of the main objectives humans strive toward in life is happiness.

What’s more is the company’s ability to deliver on the brand promise. Does Hershey’s make you happy? Absolutely.

Their founder, Milton Hershey, was heavily involved in local Pennsylvania charities, focusing primarily on orphaned boys. He maintained this image throughout his life. Most companies donate to charities today, but Hershey’s kindness appeared genuine, from the heart, and not the mind.

Hershey’s has come under some criticism for things like Cadbury chocolates no longer being available in the US. “Hey Hershey’s great job blocking import of all British Cadbury’s chocolate. Can’t wait to gnaw on your chalky filth.” – tweet from comedian Dan Telfer.

However, despite some modern criticism, Hershey’s is still a brand we’ve known since childhood. A brand tied to memories of making smores in our backyards, or taking down our stocking on Christmas morning.

In addition to their consistent branding, Hershey’s has adapted to the ever-changing digital world seamlessly.

Doug Straton, the Chief Digital Officer of the Hershey Co. was interviewed by Food Business News on Hershey’s digital transformation just a few months ago:

“We are literally changing the way Hershey does business,” he said. “So, from process change at the R.&D. and innovation level all the way down through sales and marketing, we’re making the fine-tuned tweaks … to basically make everything that we do digital.”

Hershey’s ability to adapt to the digital marketplace, as well as maintain a brand that’s withstood the test of time, has allowed their brand to continue to thrive and consistently be one of the top brands America just can’t get enough of.

This is a vital lesson for writers for the web, who need to constantly adapt to the digital marketplace and ever-changing technological advancements in order to remain relevant and succeed as a web writer.

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