Writing for the Virtual Buyer

Influencing your customer can prove difficult, especially when you haven’t spent any time looking at your consumer profile.

We’re all too busy. No one has extra time. And so, tasks like these tend to get pushed into the background.

I started thinking about this topic yesterday when I listened to SBI’s podcast with guest Mike Huseman,  SVP of Global Sales & Business Development at EnterpriseDB.

Adapting the Sales Team to a Changing Buyer Journey

The podcast is based around virtual selling and teaching a sales team how to adapt to the changing buyer. Because buying virtually has become so popular in recent years, businesses have had to adapt to this change in order to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the virtual selling world.

This got me thinking about the importance of knowing the profile of your audience, your buyers, the consumers of your content, services, or products.

When writing for the web, we constantly have to keep our audience in mind. We have to research and understand their buying habits, in order to market the products or services that they need or want. Products or services that will help them reach the next level in their careers or will help improve their lives.

We have a duty to provide our consumers with quality content that will help them enrich their lives. And in order to be successful in doing so, we have to know our audience.

If we don’t invest time into knowing our audience, why should they invest their time into knowing us?


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